We believe in a world where everyone can buy and sell goods and services, without any middleman or custodian.

Portrait photo of the founders giving a talk

About Radom

We're a team of passionate technologists and entrepreneurs who have created the first protocol of its kind, bringing complex cryptocurrency payments to businesses in a way that's permissionless right down to the payment notification layer.


Our Team

The team at Radom consists of a group of experienced entrepreneurs and tech professionals who bring decades of expertise to Web3.

Portrait of Chris WIlson

Chris Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

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Portrait of Scott Osman

Scott Osman

Chief Operating Officer

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Portrait of Rikki Janae

Rikki Janae

Chief Branding Officer

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Portrait of Mariel Yonnadam

Mariel Yonnadam

Chief Technology Officer

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Radom Advisory Board

Our team of advisors have an extensive background in business, finance, software and marketing. Our team has worked for major corporations including:

Portrait of Benjamin Whitby

Benjamin Whitby

Compliance Advisor

Portrait of Lilia Severina

Lilia Severina

Investment Advisor

Portrait of Tom Tirman

Tom Tirman

Web3 Advisor

Portrait of Prashant Malik

Prashant Malik

Software Advisor

Portrait of Grant Smith

Grant Smith

Sales Advisor

Portrait of Clark WIlson

Clark Wilson

Business Advisor

Portrait of Nikolai Beckers

Nikolai Beckers

Financial Advisor