Accept payments in seconds with links

Radom’s Payment Links allow you to accept cryptocurrency payments in seconds without coding. Send a payment link to your customers and direct them to a branded payment page.

No code required.


Generate a link

Create a unique Payment Link in your dashboard with product and payment details. Customise it with your brand colours and logo.


Send to customers

Send it to your customers on any channel - email, text, social media, QR codes, website buttons etc.


Receive payments

Get notifications within the dashboard or via email about a payment and receive funds immediately.

An example of creating a Payment linkExample of scanning a QR code or clicking a link in a test message for a payment linkExample of notifications on Radom

No code required.

Create crypto payment links on the fly with our API

Generate payment links programmatically with our API to automate your internal workflows.

Start accepting crypto payments.

Integrate Radom and access clients across the globe from day one. We’re here to help you grow your business.

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