Radom Network Partners with 5ire

Radom Network is thrilled to announce layer-1 protocol 5ire as its partner.

Scott Osman
Scott Osman
April 21, 2022
Radom Network Partners with 5ire

Radom Network is thrilled to announce layer-1 protocol 5ire as its partner and is eager to start collaborating towards making the future more sustainable and more beneficial for individuals and organizations all over the world.

5ireChain is committed to becoming the first layer-1 protocol to develop a sustainable and for-benefit ecosystem based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Accelerating growth in an accountable and future-oriented manner, 5ire embeds sustainability in both its base layers and in its upper decision-making which commands the network democratically.

5ire aims to lead the world’s transition from the fourth industrial revolution to the fifth industrial revolution. The former is commonly known for its digitalization which brought increased connection via cyber networks. The fifth industrial revolution will empower self-sovereign decentralized organizations which spur the implementation of the SDGs.

5ire is leading the way towards that new future with an ecosystem that contains several interlinked compartments. Together, the different pillars can revolutionize access to capital and unlock the potential of projects that address environmental challenges. Indeed, 5ireChain is the foundational blockchain solution with a core dedicated to working towards the SDGs. Besides, the 5ire Wallet lets one exchange value, while the 5ire Exchange forms a system of money marketplace for trading and the NFT marketplace brings NFTs to the fore. Lastly, being committed to shifting the paradigm from the 'for profit' to the 'for benefit' economy, the 5ire VC fund invests in projects that propagate this transformation.

With 5ire's proof of stake consensus mechanism, nodes can select their nodes of choice for the creation of blocks. Interestingly, 5ire's very block assembler nodes are selected on multiple factors, including their age, stake, randomized voting and sustainability score. Indeed, to promote the competitive position of smaller holders on the network, the weight of previously selected nodes is reduced, which levels the playing field to some extent. 5ire's on-chain governance ultimately implies that ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors are considered holistically.

Christopher Wilson, Radom Network's CEO, has taken a keen and optimistic stance about Radom's partnership with 5ire. "I am extremely thrilled and honored to collaborate with a layer-1 blockchain that is growing in emerging markets and is expanding towards working with stakeholders internationally", Chris said. Radom’s CEO also stressed the key importance of uniting through partnership, expressing that

"5ire is a communal entity that stands for sustainability and aims to empower the wider Web 3.0 community through new value creation and unique asset management. It is a perfect match for Radom Network as our intentions are aligned and our efforts are in absolute sync".

Radom Network and 5ire share key values and visions for tomorrow, making the partnership nothing less but a small, yet significant effort towards achieving a better future.

About 5ire

5ire is a fifth-generation blockchain bringing a paradigm shift from a for-profit to a for-benefit economy. 5ire is a fifth-generation blockchain bringing a paradigm. 5ire works with leading researchers in blockchain technology and human-centered design, holds patents in several areas of blockchain technology and regularly publishes in peer-reviewed journals.

About Radom Network

Radom Network is building the world’s first blockchain-based payment gateway. With Radom Network, Web3 companies and DAOs can access critical services required to operate their business without ever having to off-ramp. 

Underpinned by a decentralized protocol for service discovery and authentication, sellers can on-board through the Radom dApp (decentralised application), and sell access to their internet-connected assets, such as cloud servers, API servers, proof-of-work miners or databases with on-chain and on-demand payments in stablecoins.

Customers can connect their self-custody wallet and access services directly through the Radom Marketplace or through a seller’s webpage with the Radom Widget, an integrated payment checkout widget.

Through Radom, Web3 companies, DAOs and service providers can reduce time to market, monetise, and scale quicker than ever before. 

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