Radom Network Incubates into Barclays EnergyTech Programme

Radom Network is extremely proud to join the Barclays Eagle Labs ecosystem.

Scott Osman
Scott Osman
April 26, 2022
Radom Network Incubates into Barclays EnergyTech Programme

Radom Network is extremely proud to join the Barclays Eagle Labs ecosystem, the initiative enabling innovators and entrepreneurs to maximise their growth opportunities and benefit from access to a range of curated opportunities, including Barclays’ transatlantic connections. Radom will join Barclays’ EnergyTech track for regular meetings, workshops and network opportunities with like-minded companies.

Barclays Eagle Labs connects the United Kingdom’s (UK) entrepreneurial ecosystem through a grid of business incubators, expertise and support. Being a unique network-based initiative, Eagle Labs is distributed across the UK. The focus is to help accelerate UK scale-ups, promote collaborative innovation across the entire ecosystem and to open doors for collaboration, proofs of concepts and commercial opportunities between participants.

By bringing together key industry players and start-up spirits across a range of different industries, collaboration is facilitated while innovation is accelerated seamlessly. In fact, with Eagle Labs, start-ups may obtain new domain expertise while incumbents learn about new technologies, skills and practices to ultimately deliver new business models, products and dynamics that lead us all to a better future.

To that end, Eagle Labs has incorporated several industry-aligned programmes, such as the EnergyTech Programme, a one-year programme in which specific businesses, industry bodies and academia are brought together to lead that new wave of progress. Importantly, the Eagle Labs EnergyTech Programme is a collaboration between Barclays, Opportunity North East and Codebase and aims to grow the EnergyTech community while spurring innovation on how the world harvests and consumes energy.

Radom Network is extremely excited to start accelerating the UK EnergyTech ecosystem together with the other stakeholders involved. Radom’s CEO, Christopher Wilson, expressed that ‘[...] Radom Network working with Barclays Eagle Labs and the other disruptive tech-stakeholders involved is a prime example of how incumbent companies get more familiar with the myriad of opportunities that Web 3.0 brings’. He added that ‘we are eager to collaborate with participants such as Sellafield Ltd., Total Energies and the fellow start-ups and scope out the potentialities for synergies’. 

More specifically, Christopher continued by saying that ‘ [...] at Radom, we are highly committed to developing new commercial solutions that may also spur radical progress in the light of the production and consumption of energy’, he continued, ‘[...] Radom’s asset management platform fundamentally enables the evolvement of a global economy based on the leasing of access to devices, data or other assets. This means that through Radom, multiple parties can benefit from the monetization and use of such assets without leaving a bigger footprint’. 

Radom Network is eager to continue its growth journey with Barclays Eagle Labs, enjoying the invaluable support and enabling collaboration of one of the largest global banks and of several major energytech multinationals.

About Barclays Eagle Labs and the EnergyTech Programme

Eagle Labs aims to cultivate a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who can benefit from access to a collaborative environment and peer networks. The purpose of the EnergyTech Programme is to grow the energytech community, help incumbent companies to understand startups better, help startups understand incumbents better, highlight the playbooks used by innovative software companies and to open doors for collaboration, proofs of concepts and commercial opportunities between participants. Each community benefits from access to curated activity relevant to maximise growth opportunities, including Barclays’ transatlantic connections and Barclays’ banking products and services.

About Radom Network

Radom Network enables businesses and individuals to lease out direct access to connected assets and services for Web 3.0 focused customers through blockchain-based payments. Through Radom’s network security and asset management platform, one can streamline the typical security infrastructure required for allowing third-party access to connected assets such as API and cloud servers, Proof-of-Work miners, databases and IoT devices. 

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